Dr. Daniel Kjar

Elmira College
Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Presents Sam Droege and Clare Maffei's how to 'bee' videos

Watch video 1: How to use Discover Life 5-12-2021
Watch video 2: Using the genus guide pt1 5-19-2021
Watch video 3: Using the genus guide pt2 5-26-2021
Watch video 4: Genus Andrena pt1 6-2-2021
Watch video 5: Genus Andrena pt2 -no DiscoverLife- 6-9-2021
Watch video 6: Genus Anthidiellum 6-16-2021
Watch video 7: Green Bees 6-30-2021
Watch video 8: Hylaeus 7-7-2021
Watch video 9: Lasioglossum vs Halictus 7-14-21
Watch video 10: Nomada 7-21-21
Watch video 11: Megachile, Hoplitis, and Lithurgis 7-28-21
Watch video 12: Osmia and Heriades 8-4-2021
Watch video 13: Ceratina 8-11-2021
Watch video 14: Learn to ID Bombus 8-18-2021
Watch video 15: Eucerine pt1 8-25-2021
Watch video 16: Anthophora, Habropoda, Florilegus, Melitoma, Ptilothrix 9-1-2021
Watch video 17: Calliopsis, Perdita, Protandrena, Learn to ID Bees 9-8-2021
Watch video 18: Panurginus, Psuedopanurgus, Panurgus, Psuedoanthidiellum Learn to ID Bees 9-15-2021
Watch video 19: Coelioxys, Paranthidium, Stelis, Heriades, Learn to ID Bees-9-22-2021
Watch video 20: Ashmeadiella, Chelostoma, Dianthidium, Trachusa, Learn to ID Bees-9-29-2021
Watch video 21: Melittidae, Learn to ID Bees-10-05-2021
Watch video 22: Triepeolus, Epeolus, Holcopasites, Neolarra, Learn to ID Bees-10-13-2021
Watch video 23: Caupolicana, Melecta, Xeromelecta, Ericrocis, Diadasa Learn to ID Bees-10-20-2021/a>
Watch video 24: Anthophorula, Expomalopsis, Diunomia, Nomia, Duforea Learn to ID Bees-10-27-2021 /a>
Watch video 25: Oxaea, Ptiloglossa, Tetrapedia Learn to ID Bees-11-03-2021 /a>
Watch video 26: Sphecodes, Lithurgopsis, Osiris Learn to ID Bees-11-10-2021 /a>
Watch video 27: Xenoglossa, Paratetrapedia Learn to ID Bees-11-17-2021 /a>
Watch video 28: Agapostemon Learn to ID Bees-12-1-2021 /a>
Watch video 29: Augochorella species with Mike Arduser 12-8-2021 /a>
Watch video 30: Augochloropsis species with Mike Arduser and Zach Portman 12-15-2021 /a>
Watch video 31: Halictus 12-5-2022/a>
Watch video 32: Colletes part 1_Jan-12-2022/a>