Dr. Daniel Kjar
and Elmira College's Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Sam Droege and Clare Maffei's how to 'bee' videos
These videos are for people who are learning how to identify native bees using a microscope. They are recorded sessions from the "Learn to ID Bees" weekly web-class (email clare_maffei@fws.gov to join). We use a camera mounted to a microscope to guide viewers through key characteristics of each genus. We use the website DiscoverLife.org to work through taxonomic keys, as well as a bee genera "cheat sheet" (available HERE in flash-card format). Specimens from the eastern United States are used in demonstration, but most characteristics reviewed will be applicable to bees throughout the world.

Watch video 1: How to use Discover Life 5-12-2021
Watch video 2: Using the genus guide pt1 5-19-2021
Watch video 3: Using the genus guide pt2 5-26-2021
Watch video 4: Genus Andrena pt1 6-2-2021
Watch video 5: Genus Andrena pt2 -no DiscoverLife- 6-9-2021
Watch video 6: Genus Anthidiellum 6-16-2021
Watch video 7: Green Bees 6-30-2021
Watch video 8: Hylaeus 7-7-2021
Watch video 9: Lasioglossum vs Halictus 7-14-21
Watch video 10: Nomada 7-21-21
Watch video 11: Megachile, Hoplitis, and Lithurgis 7-28-21
Watch video 12: Osmia and Heriades 8-4-2021
Watch video 13: Ceratina 8-11-2021
Watch video 14: Learn to ID Bombus 8-18-2021
Watch video 15: Eucerine pt1 8-25-2021
Watch video 16: Anthophora, Habropoda, Florilegus, Melitoma, Ptilothrix 9-1-2021
Watch video 17: Calliopsis, Perdita, Protandrena, Learn to ID Bees 9-8-2021
Watch video 18: Panurginus, Psuedopanurgus, Panurgus, Psuedoanthidiellum Learn to ID Bees 9-15-2021
Watch video 19: Coelioxys, Paranthidium, Stelis, Heriades, Learn to ID Bees-9-22-2021
Watch video 20: Ashmeadiella, Chelostoma, Dianthidium, Trachusa, Learn to ID Bees-9-29-2021
Watch video 21: Melittidae, Learn to ID Bees-10-05-2021
Watch video 22: Triepeolus, Epeolus, Holcopasites, Neolarra, Learn to ID Bees-10-13-2021
Watch video 23: Caupolicana, Melecta, Xeromelecta, Ericrocis, Diadasa Learn to ID Bees-10-20-2021
Watch video 24: Anthophorula, Expomalopsis, Diunomia, Nomia, Duforea Learn to ID Bees-10-27-2021
Watch video 25: Oxaea, Ptiloglossa, Tetrapedia Learn to ID Bees-11-03-2021
Watch video 26: Sphecodes, Lithurgopsis, Osiris Learn to ID Bees-11-10-2021
Watch video 27: Xenoglossa, Paratetrapedia Learn to ID Bees-11-17-2021
Watch video 28: Agapostemon Learn to ID Bees-12-1-2021
Watch video 29: Augochorella species with Mike Arduser 12-8-2021
Watch video 30: Augochloropsis species with Mike Arduser and Zach Portman 12-15-2021
Watch video 31: Halictus 12-5-2022
Watch video 32: Colletes part 1_Jan-12-2022
Watch video 33: Colletes part 2_Jan-19-2022
Watch video 34: Svastra species_Jan-25-2022
Watch video 35: Eucera species_Feb-2-2022
Watch video 36: Male Melissodes part 1 with Arduser Feb-9-2022
Watch video 37: Male Melissodes part 2 with Arduser Feb-16-2022
Watch video 38: Female_Melissodes species part 1_with Arduser and Wright Feb-23-2022
Watch video 39: Female_Melissodes species part 2 with Arduser and Wright Mar-2-2022
Watch video 40: Western DIY Guides with David Cappaert 3-16-2022
Watch video 41: Wyoming Genera Guides with Lusha Tronstad_3-23-2022
Watch video 42: Female Hylaeus species 3-30-2022
Watch video 43: Male Hylaeus species 4-13-2022
Watch video 44: Hoplitis species 4-13-2022
Watch video 45: Female Osmia species part 1 with Mark Arduser April-27-2022
Watch video 46: Female Osmia species part 2 May-4-2022
Watch video 47: Female Osmia species part 3 with Mike Arduser May-11-2022
Watch video 48: Male Osmia species part 1 with Mark Adruser May-18-2022
Watch video 49: Male Osmia species part 2 with Mark Adruser June-9-2022
Watch video 50: Male Osmia species part 3 with Mark Adruser June-15-2022