Insect species reported as collected in the Bahamas
Daniel Kjar Ph. D. and Gabriel Sackett B. S.
Data entry: Jessica Phillips B. S. (and editing), Conner Scace B. S., and Henry Montilla
Elmira College

Introduction: A comprehensive list of insects for any area is a rare undertaking. Insects are the most diverse group of terrestrial animals on earth. Although many lists of individual Bahamian taxa within Insecta exist there has not been a comprehensive list. Here we begin the effort of producing such a list. This database currently contains 1734 species with 2210 species records.
Materials and Methods: This database was populated with information from the literature collected by Don Gerace and others at the Gerace Research Station, San Salvador, Bahamas. Species included in this list were found in published literature. Names were left as described in the literature and we did not attempt to determine whether names are currently valid. Records included in this list included a genus and species/morphospecies identification and location of the collection event. The database was developed using open source, freely available software. The database is MySQL, the interface is coded in PERL, both running on Ubuntu Linux using Apache 2 to serve HTTP requests. Searching for a taxa will result in a list of insect species found in 55 published research articles on the Bahama Islands. Locations are listed in order of most North and East to most South and West. Numbers in the columns refer to the literature in which the species record was found. Leaving the search field blank will output all species in the database. You may easily cut and paste the table produced into any spreadsheet program.