Insect species reported as collected in the Bahamas
Daniel Kjar Ph. D. and Gabriel Sackett B. S.
Elmira College

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Acronyms - FL: Florida or Florida Keys, AB: Abaco, GB: Grand Bahamas, BE: Berry Islands, BI: Bimini, EL: Eleuthera, AN: Andros, NP: New Providence, CI: Cat Island, EX: Exuma, CO: Conception, RC: Rum Cay, LI: Long Island, SS: San Salvador, CR: Crooked Island, RA: Ragged Island, MG: Mayaguana, IN: Inagua, BA: "Bahamas" (location in publication was not specific).
Repeated numbers within columns are from multiple specimen records from locations that have been combined, for example, North and South Bimini are combined in this table to just "Bimini".